Monday, March 15, 2004

Neither cheap nor a trick, if you ask me

In honor of Ereck's week-long vacation from la vie academique, I'm desperately trying to find a copy of Cheap Trick's "Spring Break," the title song of the 1983 sex comedy. This came out during the band's wander in the early-80s cinematic wilderness--think of the "Spring Break" track as a poor man's "Up the Creek." (I'm a fan of both songs. Without a paddle, baby.)

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Speak, CableGuide

This page of 1983 magazine covers with Olivia Newton-John is, naturally, of inherent interest. But it's also interesting to me because the second magazine featured is Nashville's CableGuide, and I have a burning interest in browsing issues of that publication from, in fact, precisely the time of the Olivia Newton-John issue, which is dated January 18, 1983.

Cable television was then a new and exciting thing to twelve-year-old me--it's impossible to convey how very, very exciting--and I'd like to refresh my memory. Out of curiosity, I checked the catalog of the Nashville public library, but they don't have the CableGuide. Where would I find this valuable archive?

(Olivia is indeed a vivid early cable memory for me, especially her hot "Physical" video, the surprise ending of which had gym queens.)

(Another early cable memory is pay-cable broadcasts of Men of Chippendales extravaganzas. I would furtively sneak late-night viewings of these.)