Saturday, February 25, 2012

Music everywhere

If you're like me and you use VLC Media Player to stream audio from vinyl to a computer in another room, know that you can load VLC as a Windows service. That means it starts automatically, and you don't have to run it in the GUI. Just enter a command like this one:

vlc -I ntservice --ntservice-install --ntservice-options="dshow:// :dshow-adev=\"Line In (Realtek High Definitio\" :sout=#rtp{dst=,port=5004}"

Note that the parameters in quotes include a parameter in quotes. You have to designate the quotes in quotes with an escape sequence (\").

Here's what a command to run VLC as a service on the client machine looks like:

vlc -I ntservice --ntservice-install --ntservice-options="rtp:\\@"

To uninstall the VLC service, enter this:

vlc -I ntservice --ntservice-uninstall

Now you too can play a Foghat record in one room and listen to it in another. Or you could do it the easy way and run speaker wire. But why do it the easy way when there's a complicated way?