Monday, October 01, 2007

All good things

October marks the fifth anniversary of Back With Interest, and it seems a good time to take stock. You probably can see where this is going. I have decided to cease blogging here for the foreseeable future.

For five years this blog has been many things to me. It has been a journal, a chronicle. It has been a great way for this ever-budding writer to practice his craft for actual reading readers, to whom I am so grateful. (Is it a coincidence that I started the blog at more or less the same time that I decided to try writing for a living?) Most importantly -- and this is what I think of when I reminisce over past Back With Interest entries and comments -- it has been a superb way to stay in touch with family and with friends, old and new.

But for now I have, as Dick Cheney might say, other priorities.

Of course, you still can read my web writings at, and you Madisonians also can read my stuff in the pages of the fine newspaper the people call Isthmus. And should the urge strike, you can, God help you, read the Back With Interest archives, which aren't going anywhere.

And so till I see you again: Keep smiling.