Friday, December 12, 2008

What I'm doing now that it's wintry in Wisconsin
  • Moisturizing. There's hell to pay if I don't.
  • Taking the bus to work. Kudos to Madison's winter bikers for their perseverance. I'm no winter biker.
  • Running at the gym. You won't catch me running in this, though the neighbors do.
  • Shoveling snow. Sometimes I do this in lieu of running at the gym.
  • Formulating new rituals for taking out the recycling. I don't want to track snow and mush all over my nice clean (?) floors by hauling the recycling container back and forth. So I have to get creative.
  • Staying indoors. Fuck it's cold out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


If on the left hand side of an accordion you press the C root button and the A minor chord button, you get a C6 chord. Likewise, if you press the C root button and the E minor chord button, you get C major 7. What this means is that if you throw in the obvious C root-C major chord combination, you can play the exciting C major-C6-C major 7 vamp that begins "Begin the Beguine." All on the left hand! Leaving the right hand free for skeetily bop bop, skeeby da doo.