Friday, October 18, 2002

Everyone and his evil twin has a blog now. Here's mine. I have another blog on the the Junkers web site, but that's just with Junkers news, and I don't think the boys in the band would appreciate my putting yet another vanity project under their aegis. Mostly I'm just wowed by the efforts of our Bob Hemauer and Martin Price, and I want to be a part of this.

Just got back from playing "Dr. Dave's Hootenanny" on WORT. In the spirit of the times Matthew and I played "(Let Me Be Your) Desert Storm" and "Sam Stone." "(Let Me Be Your) Desert Storm" is a love song I wrote about the Persian Gulf War, and "Sam Stone" is a John Prine song par excellence, a really sad song about a soldier who comes home addicted to morphine. It's possibly the saddest song there ever was, and it's a staple of Junkers and #1 Dad sets.

I'm off now to practice at Thomas's. It will be the first full-on Junkers practice with Ed. It will be our only full-on practice before tomorrow's big King Club show. Yipe. I hope the fans are forgiving.

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