Tuesday, October 22, 2002

What album can't I get enough of these days? It may surprise you to learn that the side in question is Boz Scaggs's Down Two Then Left, which I've played at least every other day for the last couple of weeks. The reviewer to which I link dismisses Scaggs's lyrics as "meandering, almost incoherent," but I find something exhilirating in silly, throwaway lines like these from "Still Falling For You":

He's hearing voices, seems the choices really are but few
He makes a break, gets out of there
He acts like a fool, stands and stares
See, the joker's acting like nothing's happenin'
He just ate his cocktail napkin

You probably had to be there. I can't get behind everything Scaggs has done--the lite-FM staple "Look What You've Done To Me" has a weak hook--but the 1976-1980 trifecta of Silk Degrees, Down Two Then Left, and Middle Man makes a solid case for Boz as a memorable blue-eyed-soul crooner cum dystopian rocker.

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