Thursday, March 20, 2003

What I'm doing now that the war started

1. Putting off writing articles.
2. Reading the New York Times.
3. Catching up on old New Yorkers.
4. Reading Plato.
5. Reading God's Little Isthmus, the sequel to Madlands.
6. Celebrating my new turntable and receiver by listening to the records of Patty Loveless, Arthur Rubenstein, Al Stewart, Sade, Faron Young, Willie Nelson, Tina Turner, and others.
7. Going to AA meetings.
8. Watching Conte d'�t�, which I enjoyed immensely.
9. Thinking about the Amish, apropos of Devil's Playground, which I watched Before The War (i.e. Tuesday).
10. Reading old aims of education addresses, one of which incoming University of Chicago freshmen hear their first week.
11. Did I mention putting off writing articles?
12. Learning the words to "El Paso."
13. Deciding other songs I'd like to learn (suggestions welcome).
14. Folding laundry.
15. Blogging.

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