Friday, July 18, 2003

Near, far, wherever you are

An article in today's New York Times got me to wondering about what it would be like to travel to the United Kingdom on the Queen Elizabeth 2.

It turns out you can sail from NYC to Southampton for as little as $1,799 or as much as $23,149.

The voyage takes six days.

I've been mildly curious about the QE2 ever since I learned that poor Stanley Kubrick, terrified of flying, travelled from England to Hollywood only when he had to, and only crossed the Atlantic by sea.

In the QE2's fascinating itinerary I discover that you can't make the U.S.-U.K. connection at all during the winter months. I guess that makes sense.

Interestingly, or whatever, the QE2's first Atlantic crossing this year sailed from Southampton on April 17. The Titanic sailed on April 10.

You do the math.

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