Friday, January 30, 2004

Hail poetry

The charming Hank Williams song "Rootie Tootie" begins,

Met my future wife today
And her name is Kathy Mae
Rootie tootie, rootie tootie
Rootie tootie, rootie tootie
Rootie tootie, she's my Sunday gal

In later stanzas the Lonesome Cowboy sings his beloved's praises with more pairs of rhyming or euphonic trochees: "hotsie totsie," "super duper," "upsy daisy," "wicky wacky," "bouncy bouncy" (giggle) and so on.

I've always thought that if I ever perform the song, it will be incumbent upon me to update these with new trochee pairs that reflect our modern times. What I've come up with so far:

multi culti
freeky deeky
must-see TV

Okay, that last one is spondees, not trochees, but you see what I mean. Can you think of more?

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