Tuesday, January 20, 2004

What's on my iPod?

For starters, it's not an iPod; it's an iRiver IFP-180T, with exciting built-in FM tuner and exciting voice recorder. The iRiver holds 128 megabytes of music, enough for a workout or a good, long bout of self-pity. This is nowhere near the capacity of your hard-drive mp3 players, your iPods and whatnot, which can hold entire music collections. So every few days I refill the iRiver with tracks chosen more or less at random from my stash (much of it ill-gotten--don't tell the RIAA).

Here's what's playing, in the seemingly random order in which the tracks ended up on the iRiver. Much of it is, as they say, totally 80s. All of it made me smile yesterday as I ice skated on Tenney Park lagoon and, later, did the dishes:

Tracy Byrd, "Drinking Bone"
Human League, "Fascination"
Fun Boy Three & Bananarama, "It Ain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)"
The Go-Go's, "Our Lips Our Sealed"
Merrilee Rush, "Angel of the Morning"
The Oak Ridge Boys, "Come On In"
Styx, "Crystal Ball"
The Specials, "A Message to You Rudy"
John Stewart, "Gold"
Cheap Trick, "Up the Creek"
Fannypack, "Cameltoe"
No Doubt, "Oi to the World"
Anne Murray, "Just Another Woman in Love"
The Bee Gees, "Night Fever"
Big Audio Dynamite, "Medicine Show"
Conway Twitty, "Don't Call Him a Cowboy"
Elvis Costello, "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding"
Eric Clapton, "Motherless Children"
Fleetwood Mac, "Peacekeeper"
Garth Brooks and George Jones, "Beer Run"
James Ingram, "One Hundred Ways"
Jefferson Starship, "Count On Me"
Lee Majors, "The Unknown Stuntman"
Liz Phair, "Divorce Song"
Missing Persons, "Destination Unknown"
New Edition, "Cool It Now"
Pablo Cruise, "Love Will Find a Way"
REM, "What's the Frequency Kenneth"
Rod Stewart, "Infatuation"
Santana featuring Michelle Branch, "The Game of Love"
Kenny Loggins with Stevie Nicks, "Whenever I Call You Friend"

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