Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fresh young talent

Robin sent me a link to a photograph of the Jenga memorial, which got me to thinking about Jenga, one of my favorite games in college. That in turn got me to thinking about Ken Ober, host of the 1980s MTV quiz show "Remote Control," which I adored. After "Remote Control," you see, Ober appeared in some Jenga commercials before he disappeared forever.

So naturally I looked to the web, and soon I dug up this site devoted to Kari Wuhrer, one of a series of pretty women who cohosted the show with Ober and funnyman Colin Quinn. I gather that after "Remote Control," Wuhrer did a series of Skinamax films and now appears on "General Hospital."

What most strikes me about the Wuhrer site is the collection of "Remote Control" clips, not least because in watching them I was reminded that a very young Adam Sandler used to appear as a character called Studboy. Check out this page for some samples.

Sandler has grown on me over the years; I liked his films Punch-Drunk Love and Spanglish very much. That appreciation extends to his trademark moron shtick, seen in early flower on these "Remote Control" clips. Enjoy.

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