Thursday, December 22, 2005

Honkytonk angels

Like my article "The South in his Mouth," which ran a few weeks ago, my cover story in this week's Isthmus is autobiographical. "I Saw the Light" is about how I came to be attending Episcopal church services, even though I grew up Presbyterian. Yes, it was a bold journey from the Scots Reformation to the English Reformation:
Actually, these days I am in church most Sunday mornings, although I am more likely to sing "A Mighty Fortress" there than "I Saw the Light." But it was not always so. I came to be a churchgoer again only after a long period away. And truth be told, churchgoing sometimes feels like just one more incongruous element of an identity I am still trying to piece together: gay, Madisonian, Southern, Pol Pot-studying, Hank Williams-singing alternative journalist -- and Protestant.
The piece is up on, which presents selected articles from various alternative newspapers.

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