Monday, January 02, 2006

Ladies' man

Among the fruits of my unceasing Tivo tinkering is the ability to grab video to my computer's hard drive. So I was excited to save this clip from a profile of Tina Turner that ran on a recent broadcast of "60 Minutes."

The segment actually recapitulated parts of two Turner pieces that ran in the last ten years, and the clip I present you is from the earlier profile. In that piece there was this weird sexual tension between Turner and Mike Wallace, age 473, and when friends and I watched the segment in 1996, we were amused no end by the exclamation with which Wallace began the report: "She looks 19!" So I was happy to see that part on TV again -- and to Tivo it, no less.

Back in the day, my officemate Dave even used clipart from a computer drawing program to recreate the scene. An incurable packrat, I filed the results away.

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