Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hello from computerland

The power supply I bought when I built a computer a few months ago is quieter than the one that was in the computer I'm using as a home theater PC. It's important for an HTPC to be quiet, so I decided to swap the power supplies. But I was temporarily stymied when I realized that the power supplies' motherboard connectors didn't match. The old power supply has a 20-pin connector, but the new one has a 24-pin connector. I eventually learned, though, that a 20-pin power connector can work with a 24-pin motherboard, and that you can disconnect the extra four pins from a 24-pin power connector, making a 20-pin connector. So that all worked out. Now the HTPC is quieter, though I'm still not quite convinced that this beta of the DVR software that supports QAM is ready for prime time. I guess that's why it's a beta.

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