Saturday, June 08, 2013

Appliance of Satan

More often than I would like, I get fascinated by some new technology that takes up a lot of my time and attention and might even affect my relationships. When that happens, I think of this story from the November 1976 "Archie's Girls: Betty and Veronica," which I read when I was a kid. I found a copy on eBay, with a big assist from the excellent pop culture blogger Jaime Weinman. He knows a lot about Archie comics and was really helpful when I queried him about this on Twitter.

The story has stayed with me all these years. I also think of it whenever I install a window air conditioner.


jw said...

I don't think I ever realized they used words like "Satan" or "evil" in Archie comics!

Kenneth Burns said...

There was a series of religious Archie comics. I don't think "Archie's Girls" was in that series.