Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wave theory

Today the Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay discusses waving rituals of runners and cyclists.
On the Internet you can find many message boards devoted to the wave question, an evergreen topic that never really goes away. There are worries that the ritual is eroding; that cycling and running have become polluted with rude wave deniers; that society in general isn't as nice and we're all on a slow road to a hell…in which, presumably, nobody ever waves.
When I'm running, I wave at other runners I encounter unless they do something to irritate me -- say, run to the left of the sidewalk instead of the right. Then I punish them by not waving at them.


Alison Piepmeier said...

I always wave when I'm on the bike! It helps that I usually have a four year old sitting in front of me who also waves and yells, "Good morning!" Even grouchy people smile and wave back.

Kenneth Burns said...

Gotta wave. Only connect.