Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Spooky Tooth

Just came from the dentist. Hadn't been in 18 months. Got a scolding about that. When I was filling out the intake sheet, it occurred to me to lie about this in order to avert the scolding. But I'm on this thing where I don't tell lies, even white lies, so I told the truth. And got a lecture. And needed it.

The hygienist kept using this strange lingo when she was interviewing me about my teeth. "Do you get zingers?" she asked. Zinger, it turns out, means sharp pain. "Do you chew old maids?" she asked. Old maids are, I gather, unpopped popcorn kernels. I told her the word she was looking for was bachelors. No I didn't!

Strange experience. I felt like I was in a speakeasy, but with soft rock. That new Jewel song is great!

The good news: No Cavities! The dentist did note that #19 is a future crown, which sounded like it could be a country song.

(The answer to the old-maid question is no: I don't like popcorn.)

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