Thursday, September 11, 2003

The Omen

Choosing a mechanic is like choosing a doctor: you don't want to pick one at random. But I have been putting off getting some scheduled maintenance done on my truck, Red Boy, and finally decided just to go to Seversin's Citgo on Milwaukee at Fair Oaks, which recommends itself chiefly by the fact that it's close. Okay, not great reasoning.

Imagine my delight, though, when I discovered the reception area is done all up in Corvair memorabilia, and their business card even has a wee Corvair on it. Turns out Mike Seversin is a Corvair nut. I have very, very good feelings about Seversin's now: my first car was a Corvair, and I know all too well that if they can fix Corvairs, they can fix anything.

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