Friday, January 28, 2005


If you're in business for yourself, as I am, you owe it to yourself either to bribe your friend who works at Hotmail for a really great e-mail address, or to buy your own Internet domain and e-mail service.


Important Business Contact: What's your e-mail address?
Me: It's krb1066 at That's K, R, B as in boy, 1066, the numerals 1066, at
IBC: krb, 1066, what?
Me: At
IBC: At yahoo.
Me: Yes. Dot com. So krb1066 at
IBC: krb1066 at
Me: Right.


IBC: What's your e-mail address?
Me: It's kenneth at
IBC: Well, that's easy.
Me: That's B-U-R-N-S.
IBC: Yes, I know.

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