Monday, January 24, 2005

From the archive

August 14, 1998
Top Ten Things Overheard Outside How Stella Got Her Groove Back

10. "I hope I never lose my groove."
9. "I knew she'd get her groove back, but I couldn't believe how she got her groove back."
8. "I've seen movies with groove back getting, but that was the groove back gettingest movie I've ever seen."
7. "Robin Williams was so funny as the voice of the groove!"
6. "She got her groove back, but I want my nine dollars back."
5. "This is the exact reason I always write my name inside my groove."
4. "What do you mean 'Saving Private Ryan' is sold out?"
3. "Turns out her groove was under the sofa cushion the whole time."
2. "Hey, Stella! I got your groove right here!"
1. "Am I the only white guy here?"

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