Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So smooth

I try not to overtheorize my shaving. For years I have used simple tools and unguents to scrape the bristles from my face, products available at any drugstore. The key tool was Gillette's Atra razor blades, which never seemed quite perfect to me, but adequate. I was in denial.

For after nearly every shave, my face was a ghastly mess. I thought the carnage was normal, something every man has to put up with. I tried to make sure I had plenty of Band-Aids on hand.

But recently a new razor came into my possession, one that takes cartridges of the Gillette Mach 3 type.

I must say: They are genius.

I shave now with nary a nick or cut. I always thought the elaborate new devices the razor-blade manufacturers periodically come up with were simply so much hype, but the Mach 3 is real. I no longer dread shaving.

Gillette did not pay for this blog entry.

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